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Do you know about the St. Mary’s Church Battlefield? Can you help save it?

This USCT (United States Colored Troops)- involved battlefield is threatened by the expansion of the Waste Management landfill in Charles City County:

Contributed by Lynn Wilson

The engagement at Saint Mary's church between two Confederate cavalry divisions and Sheridan's first and second cavalry divisions, took place on June 24,1864. The second division was commanded by General David M.Gregg, the first division regiments were commanded by General A.T.A. Torbert. The regiments commanded by Torbert , the 1st United States, 2nd United States, and the 5th United States were USCT, United States Colored Troops. The engagement lasted about 5 hours, the second division sustained about 54 killed, 235 wounded, and 300 missing. The 235 wounded were brought to nearby Kittiewan Plantation. Of those wounded in battle, 54 died and are buried at Kittiewan. The 300 missing were left on the field, meaning they were taken prisoner or already killed. If any of the 300 were USCT, they were most likely executed. There is no known hospital or burial site in that area, but it is very likely the burial site is close by.


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To submit a comment to the Army Corps of Engineers about the proposed landfill expansion on the grounds of this important historic site, please see Waste Management proposed expansion.

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