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Waste Management Landfill proposed expansion

Charles City residents have learned that the Waste Management landfill has proposed to vastly expand the volume of trash allowed to be taken into the site--they've requested permission to add 16 new "cells" for trash. Many local residents still have not been notified about the permit application, but the deadline for public comments on this proposal is Saturday, November 7th.

We hope you'll consider submitting a comment--it only takes a quick email to do so. Below, there's a template you can use to submit that comment:

To: Ms. Julie S. Hamilton,

Norfolk District, Corps of Engineers (ATTN: CENAO-WR-R)

9100 Arboretum Parkway, Suite 235, Richmond, Virginia, 23235

Re: NAO-2011-2448

Waste Management of Virginia, Inc.

8000 Chambers Road, Charles City, Virginia 23030

As a resident of Charles City County, Virginia, where Waste Management is seeking a landfill expansion permit under the Clean Air and Water permit, I am deeply concerned about devastating effects on the quality of life of my community. I have just learned about this permit. I request an extension of 30 days to the deadline for public comment because of the difficulties of in-person communication due to risk of COVID during the pandemic, and there are unreliable internet or phone services.

Charles City County has been burdened with a landfill since the 1990s. Our complaints include odor, water pollution, erosion, and flooding. The most recent notice of violation with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) occurred in 2019. Thus I request a public hearing and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) following Environmental Justice protocols, as this is a minority-majority area.

With regard to the permit application, my concerns include:

1. The impact on cultural and historical resources like Saint Mary’s Church Battlefield and prehistoric archeological resources;

2. The loss of 3.31 acres of wetlands and 150 linear feet of stream channel, with payments for mitigation - who gets these funds and where will mitigation happen?

3. Runoff to the Chickahominy River and Bradley Run;

4. Additional flooding, with inundation of the area due to runoff from the landfill slope;

5. Public safety with additional truck traffic or flooding on roads;

6. Potential harm to public health from air and water pollution from landfills;

7. Potential harm to fisheries and wildlife; and

8. The need for careful treatment of effluents and leachate

Personal comment:



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