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Congratulations La’Veesha Allen Rollins, C5 Co-Director

Sierra Club Falls of the James Group recognizes four Green Giants for their environmental efforts in central Virginia.

La’Veesha Allen Rollins, our second Green Giant awardee, is co-director of Concerned Citizens of Charles City County, or C5. She has been one of the leaders in the successful fight to block the 1,100-megawatt C4GT natural gas plant in their rural backyard this past summer. La'Veesha's and C5's work continues with efforts to defeat the proposed 1,650-megawatt Chickahominy Power Plant and its accompanying 83-mile natural gas pipeline as well as a request by the local mega-landfill to enlarge its footprint.

In a recent article in Energy News Network, Ms. Allen Rollins said, “We want to empower our residents. Nobody wants to feel helpless. Nobody should lose their home or health because somebody is developing something.”

In an interview for this article, La'Veesha shared "I am a pretty simple person. The reason I got involved was primarily because I was shocked that something like this would come to my small town. After some research on the effects reported by other towns currently having power plants I realized this was something that affected me. My father had to have a heart transplant, and they could not tell me exactly why his heart failed so suddenly. So to me it became personal. Were we a victim of these types of developments? Is the landfill harmful? How could people do this to others because of their social class and location? How is that just? So then I realized if I stood by and did nothing I am a part of the problem. And now here I am! This world is scary and sometimes so painful with the continual fights we face, but I feel I have so many people before me that paved the way that I must do my part in continuing to fight for justice.

My hopes are that my children’s futures will be better because of something I do. That my town will be a catalyst for green energy initiatives and a pioneer against social injustice. Also to tell the history of black Americans and show the significance blacks played in the history of Charles City. I want to make it better so my kids can catapult off the platform I give them to make society even better. I feel humanity has lost its empathy and care because of convenience and selfishness. My hope is that something I do can inspire others to do something good for their environment.”

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