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Facts about the Gas Plants


Residents in close proximity to the gas power plants will be most at risk from this pollution, especially the elderly, children, and those with pre-existing conditions.

Particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides have all been linked to significant health risks, including respiratory problems, developmental disabilities, and cancers. (See the National Institute of Health:


The gas plants won’t save Charles City residents money on electricity. The investors ( have said their intended market is chiefly new data centers in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia.

Charles City will need to pay for road repairs, extra police, a sewage/water expansion.

Property values could decline: in a 2011 study in the Review of Economics and Statistics, housing values declined between 3-7% when plants were built in close proximity. Additionally, because of an adjustment to the Local Composite Index, the county will need to pay $1.21 million more for schools.

School Board member Steve Fuhrmann has estimated County net annual total income at $1,796,000 for C4GT and $2,694,000 for Chickahominy Power station. (Based on SCC tax valuation @.76/$100, minus 25%,10yr tax reduction incentive, minus $1.21 million LCI school funding reduction.)

While large out of state crews are standard, there might be some short-term construction jobs. The company predicts 35 permanent and highly specialized jobs.


The plants put the community at risk of leaks, explosions, and fires, and they require the constant storage of flammable materials. Industrial accidents pose excessive risk with a county fire department; first responders and the public are put at risk (National Fire Protection Association Journal, March 2016).

Charles City’s poor communication networks might not let us know if we need to stay indoors during emergencies and a limited road network poses problems if we need to evacuate. We need air monitors and alarms on the perimeter to keep us safe.

Take Action!!!!

Contact your district county representatives, senators and local governmental officials to talk about your concerns and get more information.

Join us!! For more information, follow us @C5ConcernedCitizensofCharlesCityCounty or email us at

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