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'It's devastating: Charles City County residents up in arms over proposed mining operation

(Full Article) | Sabrina Shutters

Posted: Nov 10, 2021 / 04:50 PM EST / Updated: Nov 10, 2021 / 05:37 PM EST

CHARLES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Residents are up in arms about a proposed sand and gravel mining operation that could be brought to Charles City County.

The operation would total 142 acres. Sand and gravel would be mined on 97 of the acres. The plot of land where the proposed mining operation could go is located close to the intersection of Route 5 and Route 106.

With tears in her eyes, one woman living next door to the property for the proposed project told 8News in an interview Wednesday that the proposed mining operation could go 100 feet behind her property and to the right of it.

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