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Landfill permit request

Recently, Waste Management applied to the Virginia DEQ, asking permission to build 15 more cells for imported garbage, vastly expanding the landfill in Charles City County and damaging wetlands and permanently altering Charles City County in the process. We are deeply concerned about this proposal, and we hope that the community stays as involved and engaged as possible in the process.

Please comment on the application by Waste Management to expand the Charles City County landfill. DEQ needs to hear from Charles City County residents (and all Virginians!) about their concerns with this project.

Deadline: September 5th

Submit comments by email or mail to:

Bryan Jones, DEQ Piedmont Regional Office

4949-A Cox Road, Glen Allen, Virginia 23060

Phone: 804-712-4001

When you comment, include your name, mailing address and telephone number. We especially encourage you to request a public hearing, to allow Charles City residents to hear directly from the DEQ about this proposed project. This link takes you to DEQ's webpage, for more information.

Here’s a sample comment–feel free to tailor your response using this!

E-mail: Subject: Waste Management, VWP Permit Application No. 20-1582

Dear Mr. Jones, I’m writing to express my concerns about the application made by Waste Management of Virginia, Inc.; 800 Capitol St, Ste 3000, Houston, TX 77002; VWP Permit Application No. 20-1582 to build out the existing landfill by constructing 15 more cells, an expanded perimeter, and a new access road. I am a resident of _______, and I live near the landfill. [please discuss your concerns with the landfill here!!]

I am concerned about the impact this permit would have on local wetlands and streams, as well as the continued destruction of the conservation site of the Battle of Nance’s Shop. The proposal that Waste Management “compensate” for the destruction of Charles City County wetlands by purchasing wetlands outside the county does not remotely seem adequate. Further, the fact that Waste Management is still being monitored for a Notice of Violation letter from DEQ in 2019 for damaging our wetlands heightens my concern with the project. I believe that a public hearing to discuss this permit and citizen concerns is necessary, to allow myself and other residents an opportunity to hear more about Waste Management’s proposal and the impacts that it would have on our community.

Thank you, Your name, address, phone number

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